I swear if Olivia Munn wasn’t so beautiful, I would have punched some expressions into her so that it would look like she is at least trying to act! That said, I’ll begin the section-wise smack-down with the acting department because I usually never blame the acting department in a bad movie, nowadays. It’s usually the script but the acting in this movie was like walking over broken glass while being stabbed with a butter knife.


I love Jason Bateman and as usual, he was the only watchable actor in this movie filled with faeces-worthy performances. I’d like to begin with Olivia Munn then. I had seen her once before in a comedy short and then all of a sudden she was is X-men: Apocalypse. Now, I know why she is going to get a lot of movies because like Bollywood, Hollywood is also a sucker for pretty faces with no acting talent whatsoever. She had 2 expressions throughout the entire movie: Either it was the resting-bitch face or the raised eyebrow face. That’s it.


The rest of the cast felt like caricatures. Every single side-character felt like they were hyped up even before the party began. There is a T.V. show that runs here in India called Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma. In that T.V. show, every single community, gender and stereotype is portrayed like they are on steroids and cocaine. This movie came close to being so. I say it came close because Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma is on whole another level.

Even, the actors from SNL were so flat and weren’t funny even for a second. I don’t remember seeing much of T.J. Miller before Deadpool but I guess this is what he does in every single movie. He just talks in one single tone and cracks dry jokes that may or may not stick. In Deadpool, due to the presence of Wade’s ugly mug, most of his ad-lib dialogues did land but here it was unbearable. And I don’t even know what Karan “Dopinder” Soni doing? Is he gonna be playing the stereotypical awkward Indian guy in every movie now? He has done it in Deadpool, he has done it in Feigbusters and now this!? Oh, and then there’s Jennifer Aniston playing every Friends‘ fan’s wet dream again. Gosh, it was so painful to get through this.



I won’t name the people who were in charge of the story and screenplay. I’ll put up a screenshot of all of the people who were involved. The story is about Clay(T.J. Miller) trying to save his branch from his sister, Carol’s(Jennifer Aniston) clutches and in a final attempt to do so, he throws an extravagant party with the help of Tracy(Olivia Munn) and Josh(Jason Bateman) in order to close a deal and soon things start to go wrong.

That’s six people in charge of making a movie about a office Christmas party gone wrong. Still, we get a first act which is basically coked up people dealing with depression. Then a second act which consists of a 10 year old’s conception of a party after watching a PG-13 version of The Hangover and a third act which becomes a rescue mission out of nowhere. The fun thing is this that all of this happens and none of the characters are intoxicated enough for us to enjoy whatever they are doing. I mean, they are shown to be doing drugs but they don’t look intoxicated even for a second.


As I have been mentioning that the characters look coked up, I also mean that the way the characters talk to each other throughout the movie is the most unrealistic piece of dialogue I have seen in recent times. Each of the characters are so mindbogglingly dumb that it is impossible that they are in a company instead of a mental asylum. I have watched cringe comedy but this was just utter nonsense. The cringe wasn’t cringe enough and the laugh out jokes weren’t funny enough.I guess I can’t slam the writers for the physical comedy so I’ll move onto the directors’ involvement. Oh yes! There are two directors for this piece of garbage.


I guess everybody has watched movies like The Hangover, 21 And Over, Project X and multiple other movies where the level of escalation is pretty even. There is like a WTF moment which elevates the level of madness by a notch. In this movie, there is no such escalation. In the posters and trailers, we are shown that something like that will go down but everything feels really watered down and stupid to be true. It doesn’t look like the characters are into it and there is no bizarre experimentation to showcase the madness. The physical humour doesn’t even begin to entertain. It’s just static cameras everywhere and people doing stuff. I can’t comment on the action sequences because the moment it became a rescue mission, my brain had automatically turned off.

The biggest problem that this movie suffers from is that it keeps swinging back to this botched up plot about the deal and that just brings down the movie. It’s not dealt with for once and for all and so it just keeps coming back into focus throughout the movie to the point of being irritating. Sometimes I feel like the directors and writers don’t even try to have fun with the characters. It’s like they just want to make a bad movie and show a middle finger to our faces saying “Hah! Made you watch a bad movie. Now how do you feel?”



Don’t, just don’t watch this one. Olivia Munn isn’t reason enough to waste so much of your time on this garbage of a movie. Just watch anything instead, but not this. It’s just a wastage of talent, time and money.
On a side-note though, why does this movie have a 41% approval rating on RT? Did they watch a different movie? I guess so.

Thanks for reading.

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