So all good things has to come to an end. I think I should let you know, if you don’t know already. There are no post-credits scene. I guess you can stick around till the credits end just to dry your eyes. Thought I should let you know.

I don’t have words to describe what I feel right now. So, I guess I’ll just begin with the story and then just wing it. The movie begins with a very old Logan and he is way past his prime. He earns some money as a limo driver and uses that money to supply Caliban and Xavier(who are in hiding near the Mexican border) and buy booze to suppress his pain. One day a lady confronts Logan and asks him to take the kid she has with her and help her cross the border. Simultaneously, Logan is also confronted by Pierce and Logan connects the dots and knows some trouble is brewing and it’s not going to end well. After further persuasion, Logan agrees to help the girl, Laura, get across the border and as evident from the trailers, everything from there starts to go downhill for these ex-mutants.

In the extremely convoluted time-line of the X-men universe, I think this is the alternate future that gets created due to the events of Days of the Future Past and like they say, time is like a river. You can change the course as much as you wish but the end result will always be the same. It’s safe to say this is the most realistic superhero movie I’ve seen till now. The X-men movies have always been close to realism, in contrast to the Avengers movies where everything seems like a glorification of their deeds. In Logan the punches feel hard, the blades piercing through the skin feel painful to even look at and the gun-shots feel excruciating. James Mangold takes a good amount of time to establish the tone of the movie and doesn’t waver from it. He keeps it dark, bleak and bloody. Some of the people in my theatre were complaining about the length, but I absolutely loved it. Kids nowadays just want the action, man. It’s never about the action. Mangold makes us see what happens after all that action. What happens when heroes make enemies and what the consequences are when they do such heroic deeds. Logan says at one point and it’s in the trailer too. He looks at the X-men comics and laments about how he wishes all the things the comic book writers fantasise about would have been true.

That said, the action sequences are just mind-blowing. I don’t think enough can be said about Hugh Jackman. He growls, he grunts, he scowls and he slices his way through the enemies. I am pretty used to gore but for some reason I was feeling sick while watching those brutal fight scenes. I think they had such an effect because of the establishment of the setting before the fighting began. The performances were just brilliant and that further increased the gravity of the entire scenario. Dafne Keen as X-23/Laura was just amazing. She is much more feral and ferocious than Logan and that’s why her fighting style is reminiscent of Wolverine’s earlier days.

I think I should also talk about the antagonist, Pierce. It’s played by one of the most talented upcoming actor, Boyd Holbrook. After watching him slay it in Narcos, I was very excited to see him cast as the bad guy in this movie. He is menacing and scary and even though he didn’t have much scope to do some bad stuff, his character did a fair amount of damage to Logan. If you’re thinking why he couldn’t, it’s because there is another bad guy in this movie. Don’t worry. It doesn’t over stuff the movie and it’s a great surprise. So I won’t spoil it for you.

Apart from the action, there are a lot of conversational scenes and even though it might feel a bit expositional, the writers(Mangold, Scott Frank and Michael Green) put in a very good reason regarding Prof. X for it. Ever since Laura comes into their lives, there is a constant sense of fear and a sense of looking over the shoulder all the time and I have to say, Mangold really knows how to direct tension even when the characters are in the open.

Talking about external sequences, there is some brilliant cinematography by John Mathieson. The external sequences feel dusty and gritty and the night time sequences have a very bleak noir-like feel to it. The music doesn’t support the movie all the time. I’d have preferred no music at all, if it was an option. The make-up department has done an exceptional job of making Logan and Prof. Xavier look so old.

Also, there are lot of F-bombs in the movie and it was really funny to see Prof. Xavier be such a potty mouth. I think I can’t emphasise this enough but I really felt for these people more than I feel for real people. That might sound disturbing for the people around me but I think it’s a huge compliment for the cast and crew of the movie. The trio of Xavier, Laura and Logan felt extremely real. I usually complain about how these movie characters never need to sleep or eat or poop, but Mangold doesn’t cut any corners regarding these realistic situations and he uses that to great effect. I think he should helm any movie that has Laura in it. He will be perfect for handling the X-men universe after this.

FINAL VERDICT – I am happy to see that this movie is getting such rave reviews and the movie deserves every bit of it. This is the 3rd superhero movie that has made me weep after First Class  and Civil War. I don’t think I have to say this, but I will say it any way. Definitely, definitely, definitely(multiplied by infinity) go and watch this movie. It is probably one of the best superhero movies I have seen till now and probably the best. This also marks the third chapter of the Mangold+Jackman series. I hope they do more movies in the future though.

A huge thank you to Hugh Jackman for such an ardent and memorable portrayal of a comic-book character. He will always be our Wolverine. Also, a huge thank you to Patrick Stewart for his amazing portrayal as one of the best professors in movie and comic book history. Last but not the least, a huge thank you to James Mangold for making this movie. Nobody could have done this better than him.

Thanks for reading.