I have done only one spoiler talk and that was of Tamasha. I don’t have any knowledge about comic books but this movie has basically shown that it’s just an adaptation of the comic book characters. So, like the comic-illiterate that I am, I can consider the movie timeline as the gospel.

I actually wanted to talk about this movie because I wanted to. That’s it. After watching this movie, it’s the only thing that is circulating in my mind and in order to clear my mind, I think I should put into words. So even before I begin, I must say this that this is a full spoiler talk article. It isn’t a review exactly, so I’ll put it in the Amateur Analysis section. Again, complete spoilers.


I think this much is clear that Days of Future Past has obliterated the events of X-men, X2, The Last Stand and even The Wolverine. You may think that there is a katana on Logan’s shelf and during one of Prof. X’s rambling he also mentions Logan’s time as a cage-fighter. That is because time is usually considered to be like a river. Some of the events are pre-destined. So probably, after escaping from Alkali Lake(in X-men: Apocalypse), Logan did spend all that time doing cage fights and then the events of X1, X2 and X3 also took place but a bit differently.
As those events took place differently, Jean Grey and Cyclops and basically everyone was alive at the end of Days of Future Past. In a video of Cinefix, the narrator mentions that Xavier had mentioned the Statue of Liberty so that confirms that the events of X-men(the 1st movie) had happened. Well, that’s wrong. Because Professor X wasn’t talking about the Statue of Liberty. He was talking about the Liberty motel. He was having premonitions or flash-forwards, due to which he predicted Logan’s meeting with Laura.

Where are all the frigging mutants?

As I was talking about Xavier’s powers, let me begin with that. So Xavier is currently very very unstable and his powers need to be suppressed with the help of, well, suppressants. Xavier mentions that he has hurt people and how he regrets doing so. That is concurred with Pierce poking Logan about the events that occurred in Westchester(Xavier’s school) and how Xavier is classified as a weapon. That is because Xavier has undergone some kind of brain damage which leads to him having seizures. By adding these two statements, it’s possible that during one those seizures Xavier killed every mutant in the mansion.

What is the reason for the degenerating powers of Logan, Caliban and Professor Xavier?

This question is in continuation with the previous question because Xavier’s loss of control of his powers, which led to the death of the mutants, is possibly because of Zander Price, the intelligent baddy in the movie. In the last scene Pierce mentions that Logan should talk respectfully to Price because he is the reason why the mutants are all dead. Now, when Logan meets that family, the husband explains how there was a widespread corn-syrup poisoning incident. That might be linked to Zander Price, who might have poisoned the waters and the corn-syrup to suppress the mutant gene. As Xavier is a very powerful mutant and Logan has heightened healing factor, Xavier came out with brain damage and Logan lost his healing ability and the rest of them probably lost all of their powers making them more susceptible to Xavier’s seizures.


That’s not X-24. That is Wolverine in Berserk mode and the X-24 can be best described as Wolverine in Berserk mode, 24×7

I think the X-24 has been made up by the script-writers and isn’t a part of the actual comics. I read a bit of Price’s history and there it is written that he used to enrage X-23(Laura Kinney) in order to send her on a rampage. Here, as the story is different, that same technique is used on a much more feral and mad Wolverine, the X-24. I was surprised to see that he was created limb to limb. This was a long time request of the fans where they wanted to see a full on mad Wolverine. Even though the X-24 isn’t Logan but he is a Wolverine. It was so satisfying. Also, on the topic of the X-24, that’s how an Adamantium bullet works and not like the way it was shown in X-men Origins. It will frigging blow your brains out and not just cause a dent. So, extra points for accuracy.

Where is Deadpool?
Deadpool is also a part of the X-men franchise or the Fox Marvel Universe and I was surprised to see none of them too. So this can mean one of the two things. One being, he is dead along with the rest of the mutants. Or two, his reluctance to stay at the X-mansion has saved his rag tag team of Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus. It might be cleared up in Deadpool 2, where Cable will be involved. Even though I don’t know much about Cable, I know that he can travel through time and probably Deadpool and the others were with him when the shit hit the fan and that is why they averted this catastrophe.

What’s Eden and where are the new mutants heading towards?
Like the rest of it, this is also merely speculation. Eden can be the headquarters formed by Wade and Cable and the rest of the mutants who are alive and they are providing safe shelter for the mutants who are alive or haven’t lost their powers. That’s a big probability. Or, it can be a complete hoax and a trap to get the rest of these mutants. Probably, Eden is created by the Essex Corp and was funding this Alkali organisation of Rice to use the serums that they acquired at the end of Apocalypse.

Legion tie-in or no tie-in?
I think ardent fans already know, and a bit of Googling around will also give the non-comic peeps the information, that Legion/David Haller is in fact (drumrolls) Professor Xavier’s son. The creators have given vague and very different answers to each of the websites. I’d like to think for my personal satisfaction that that will also be tied in to this alternate timeline. Probably due to the events of Days of the Future Past, Charles had a son and lo and behold, there he is in Eden. He gets to know about the death of his father and sets out to take the biggest revenge of all comic-book history. Thinking about that gives me the chills. I am not kidding.

About the movie as a movie
This is probably one of my favourite movies of all time. This movie not only excels as a comic-book movie, but also as a movie. It’s amazing technically. I think I have spoken about that in the review. Hugh Jackman gives a career-defining and a very fitting performance of Logan/Wolverine. I think this movie also serves as a stepping stone for the world to accept her as the new Wolverine. Even though I’d have loved to see Tom Hardy as the Wolverine but now I am equally excited to see Laura Kinney as the new Wolverine. It’s a fitting send off and a very apt introduction of the person who might take over the coveted mantle.

I might be wrong on many aspects and please feel free to correct me in the comment section. I just absolutely loved this movie. I might not have been able to put everything I felt while watching this movie into words but now I feel 90% emotionally revived after writing this. If you’ve watched then do let me know about your thoughts about the movie. I’d be glad to discuss. Also, let me know if you are gonna watch it again. Then I might watch it again too. Cheers and thanks for reading.