I don’t know if this review is spoiler filled or spoiler free because if you have read about the incidents then you know pretty much know what happened and if you don’t know then you make the most simplest of guesses in the theory of guesswork and guess the ending.

I can pretty much sum up this movie in two words, but as the sucker for writing that I am, I will indulge myself and also drag you down the rabbit-hole.
First, let me say what is the most commendable aspect of the movie and that is the set design. The interiors of the sub-marine looks pretty authentic. I mean, I haven’t been inside a submarine. If you have then I request you to take me for a tour sometime. That said, let’s DIVE in (Sorry, I had to make a diving joke because it’s a movie with water and submarines).

SCREENPLAY – How can three people write one script? I don’t know because I don’t know so much about movies. So the writing credits goes to Sankalp Reddy, Niranjan Reddy and Gunnam Gangaraju and the dialogues are written by Azad Alam.
The story is about Pakistan sending supplies to their army in Bangladesh. It is the time when Bangladesh was East Pakistan, so West Pakistan(which is Pakistan now) was deporting people to West Pakistan from Bangladesh and killing those who weren’t in their support. Now, in order to avert India, which is in between East and West Pakistan, Pakistan decides to take the under-water route and sink anything that will come in their path. The Indian Navy gets to know and sends a submarine to intercept the PNS Ghazi before it could reach INS Vikrant.
The writing is very bland and the dialogues sound extremely cliched. I have seen a few army officers in my lifetime and I am sure that they don’t talk like this. Why the hell doesn’t Bollywood just sit down and go through a real-life drill and just replicate the shit out of it? If they have done it, then they should have payed more attention to detail while witnessing the drill.
None, literally none, of the characters are likeable. Except for the little girl they rescue and that’s just because she is cute. Just like every other Bollywood movie, the writers rely heavily on long, repeated exposition to coax the audience to get behind the characters and after sometime it just becomes nauseating. As the details of this incident is very shady, there is a whole lot of filler and absolutely no sense of build-up to the finale.
Let me say this for the last and final time. Getting Amitabh Bachchan to narrate the movie, won’t elevate the movie in anyway, Bollywood! So please, give that man a break and concentrate on the script.

DIRECTION – Have I used the word bland before in this review? Yes, I have. Let me search for another synonym for it……weak. Why would any sane producer give such a difficult task to a director who is directing a feature-length film for the 1st time? I have heard this a million times that the most difficult kind of movie is when the movie is based on any kind of water-body. Only a handful of Hollywood movies have been able to pull off movies where the backdrop is an ocean or lake or anything that is not a puddle. So obviously, Sankalp Reddy fails to build the tension and the sense of claustrophobia that should be in a movie in a submarine! Crimson Tideremember that movie? It came out 27 years ago. This is 2017 and we have degraded the level that was created 27 years ago. Way to go Sankalp Reddy, way to go.
The runtime of this movie could have probably been edited to around an hour and a half. There are so many long, stupid staring sequences and scenes to create some unnecessary tension. The camera-work is just so bland and it was evident that the task of making this movie was more than the director could handle. There were brief moments of brilliance, like when Pakistan inserts the missile into the hatch(no double meaning thoughts please). That sequence had something in it, but then he returns to those static camera-angles and sucks every bit of intensity out of the movie. The CGI is bearable at some points and the rest of the time it’s laughably bad.
Oh, and I want to say this also to Bollywood. Including the National Anthem in a movie won’t elevate the quality of the movie in any way!

ACTING – Kay Kay Menon is just spiralling downwards from bad to worse roles and now it is affecting his acting in serious roles too. He is totally cliched and not even an ounce of nuance is visible. Atul Kulkarni isn’t used properly but is still bearable. Rana Daggubati does a stunt that nobody has ever done. Use the same expression throughout the entirety of the movie. I love Om Puri and may he rest in peace, but even he wasn’t spared from the curse. His lines were so poor and his demeanour was nothing like that of a naval officer. I don’t even know why Tapsee Panuu was in this movie. I guess she got a fat paycheck for just showing her face. Rahul Singh is just unwatchable. I don’t know what the director said him about his expressions. It just looked like he was constipated the whole time.

FINAL VERDICT –  Obviously don’t watch this movie if you value your time and money. See, I respect the producers and the director for doing something that is not conventional. I appreciate the fact that they did something other than the usual masala movies. I always keep complaining about the abundance of masala movies and lack of good quality movies, but this isn’t the way to go. The source material should be respected. More effort should be put in editing and setting up the movie without songs and instead of inserting fillers, writers should create scenes that will provide structure to the movie.

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