The new Logan movie is coming out this March and it looks pretty good and it is directed by James Mangold and obviously stars Hugh Jackman. So, I thought of doing a follow-up to the (apparently) last Wolverine movie by doing a review of the movies which were directed by Mangold and stars Hugh Jackman. As Kate and Leopold is a love story, I was more than sceptical to review it and I’ve been stalling it for a long long time because I am absolutely, not a fan of love stories. But I did it and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

So, Kate and Leopold stars Hugh Jackman, Meg Ryan, Liev Schreiber. Liev Schreiber’s Stuart is a scientist who happens to travel into the 19th Century through a crack in the time something continuum. Leopold(Jackman), spots him with a modern camera and chases him to the top of a bridge and lands in the future i.e. 2001. There he meets Kate(Meg) and falls in love with her and thus ensues a fluff love story.
Starting with the screenplay, it is written by James Mangold and Steven Rogers. Even though it deals with time-travel there is a rather stupid plot regarding Stuart. Firstly, he shouldn’t have survived that fall down the elevator and secondly, he gets put into a mental asylum even though he had his credentials on him? I know it’s purely fictional but that was a lousy way of keeping the side-character engaged. Other than that, the story is like all love stories are. He understands her world, she understands his world and they both fall in love. The comedy is sprinkled in evenly and Mangold captures it visually too. The pace was bearable until the 3rd act of the movie. It was just dragging and as the ending is revealed in the beginning, they could  have just kept the last few moments much shorter and to the point.

Both the timelines were captured beautifully. The 19th century period had a sepia colour tone to it and it did give the feel of a bygone era. The set design was pretty accurate and the costume design as well. To contrast all that, the hustle and bustle of the modern times was also captured very well. Mangold used the dialogue and physical mannerisms to show the change that has taken place. It wasn’t very crass and also not very subtle. It was somewhere in between and it worked.

Coming to Hugh Jackman. Holy shit. I am a straight guy but damn, he was looking fine. He was elegant and poised and never missed a beat. I am no expert in accents, but I think he managed to keep his English accent throughout the movie. Meg Ryan was pretty much Meg Ryan. I couldn’t really differentiate whether she was being too natural or she was just being herself. Liev Schreiber and Breckin Meyer were very likeable and so was Natasha Lyonne as Kate’s assistant, Darci.

FINAL VERDICT – I am not sure how many of you are a fan of love stories but if you are, it’s certainly worth a watch. You can pop in the movie, get some fancy food and a bottle of wine and watch it. It’s really relaxing.
If you’re not a fan of love stories, I’ll still advise you to give it a watch. It’s a light-hearted movie which never takes itself too seriously and hey! There is a cameo by Mangold himself and Viola “Amanda Waller” Davis too.
So, next I’ll be reviewing Jackman’s second outing with Mangold and that is The Wolverine(2013) and then hope that Logan releases in my town so that I can review that too.

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