Even though I hate babies, that baby is the cutest thing I have ever seen. If I get her, I am gonna squish her like anything. She’s too damn cute.

Alrighty then! Look away, looooook away. I have an unpopular opinion to say!
Hey, that rhymed.

I have a golden rule, which I usually abide by and that is “If I like the trailer I watch it”. Most of the time, that rule actually saves me from nightmarish circumstances but I bend that rule when I see a movie or a t.v. show getting good reviews.
In this case, the Epic Voice Guy gave a review of this series and it’s a Netflix series. So, I thought that it won’t be horrendous. Thankfully, it wasn’t very boring but it was boring enough.

So, if you have read the book or seen the movie, the “Series of Unfortunate Events” follow the tale of three kids Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. They have lost their parents in a fire and now through some fraudulent scheme are placed under the guardianship of the nefarious Count Olaf. Count Olaf wants to have all the fortune, that the Baudelaire’s have left for the kids, for himself by hook or by crook. Hence, begins the series of unfortunate events between the kids and Olaf.

Let me start with the thing which turned me off the most. As I have seen Jim Carrey’s Count Olaf and if you have seen too, you know what I’m talking about. NPH doesn’t even come close to being anything Count Olaf-y. Everything he was doing was Barney-ish(gosh, I have to improve my vocab). If you remember the HIMYM episodes, where Barney would put on strange disguises or often become theatrical, then you’ll see the blatant similarity in his performance as Olaf. The make-up department did a bang on job of making him look like Count Olaf and all his other disguises were also very good. But he really fell short. This was a real chance of getting out of the shadow of Barney, but for me, it just didn’t cut it. I was apprehending this after seeing the trailers and my senses are seldom wrong.

All the characters except Violet, Sunny, Klaus and Lemony wear off their quirkiness very quickly. When they are introduced, I am surprised and intrigued and then that same quirk is done so many times that it just becomes boring. I think that’s the problem with making every character so comical and over-the-top. It just starts to drag and it was very evident in Aunt Josephine’s character. She started off on a high note and by the end, either the actress or the writing, just went bland.

Coming to the writing, I think the writers did a good job of portraying the chaos and mystery of the story. The story has a good enough pace to keep you interested. Some of the ‘oh-so-obvious’ plots do tend to drag on more than it’s necessary. The fourth-wall breaking via Lemony Snicket, though, was very funny and the dead-pan delivery of Patrick Warburton kept me interested throughout the series. Well I have a soft spot for Warburton because I am a Seinfeld fan.
The set design was beautiful. The internal set pieces were very intricate and the care with which they have been put was visible. The external sequences had a very Tim Burton type of vibe. The CGI felt a bit off in some of the external shots and, correct me if I am wrong, but I think they sometimes CGI’d the face of Sunny sometimes. It felt odd and out of place in some of the scenes.

All the child actors were very good. Especially Malina Weismann as Violet. She does look a lot like Emily Browning. They were theatrical in nature but their dialogue delivery and expressions helped in painting the series with the dark comedic tone.

FINAL VERDICT – There is a strong possibility that I have a Jim Carrey hangover but as I have a slight knowledge of dark comedy by watching most of Tim Burton’s movies, I am pretty sure this wasn’t my brand of dark comedy. I’ll advise you to do give it a watch if you have read the book or watched the movie. I mean, it’s a Netflix series. You just might end up liking. Also, it has a twist ending which will interest you for the next season(if there is a next season). It has me (slightly) interested.

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