Do you know what is a jump cut?
It’s an abrupt transition from one scene to another. Now, in a movie it is sometimes used to show the erratic nature of the character or someone hurrying. When these cuts happen in the movie, the story doesn’t lose it’s coherence. You can understand what is happening.

The last time when such a long list of cuts occurred, Fox Studios cowered like a bunch of whatever you want to call them and released a version of the Deadpool movie that was butchered and had nothing in it. It’s action was deemed “too violent”. It’s sex scenes were deemed “too vulgar”.
The next one happened to Udta Punjab. Somehow, Bollywood got together and fought the stupidity. There was hope and a silver lining.

Now, with Jolly LLB 2, we are back to square one. If you want to see what the cuts are, click here.
The reason for all these cuts are : “advocate Ajay Kumar Waghmare filed a petition in Bombay High Court saying the film mocks the legal profession. He wanted LLB to be removed from the title of the film and alleged certain shots “portrayed lawyers in a bad light.””
In a bad light?! So the personal prejudice of a single man, lets the movie to be cut. What if the next day I, as a Bengali, go and say Bengalis in Piku were shown in a “bad light”? Would that have any effect? No, and why would I? I know how Bengalis are. So if a movie director shows anyone in a “bad light”, does that become the be all and end all of the topic?
Some scenes are made for comedy, some scenes are based on the perceived notion of the director but that’s his or her perceived notion. Nobody should have any say on that.
If you have any problem with that, then MAKE. YOUR. OWN. MOVIE!!!

I can’t say for everyone, because apparently nobody cares, but I don’t want to see a politically correct movie. I want to see the reality or at least the reality that the director lives in. I want to write a review based on what I see and not what the High Court wants me to see.
You can argue that where is the line. Where should the line be drawn between obscenity and reality? When should a movie be subject to cuts?
I’ll tell you. Stop it when it is becoming a PORN! When the penis is entering the vagina or any other orifice then cut it. Even though we know it is a reality that happens 24 hours, every month, every year, if it happens to dirty your mind don’t show it.
If there is something obscene put an R-rating on it and let us see it as it is. If we feel that the sex and the vulgarity doesn’t have any basis and is in the movie for no reason, then we will give it a bad rating. We will tell others not to watch it. That’s how word of mouth works. How hard is that to understand? If you think something is being shown in a bad light, let it be there. If the audience feels the same way, then we will down-vote it, write a bad review about it or voice our opinion. I think there is a term for that. Freedom of Speech, I think.

This is my personal message to Akshay Kumar and all other actors and actresses who are involved in movies. I know you people have these moments of crisis where you come on social media sites and start talking about social issues.
Don’t! When you can’t bring a change to your own line of work, don’t talk about social issues. Make your line of work better and then try to be relevant. I have huge respect for Shahid, Alia, Kareena, Daljit, Anurag Kashyap and Abhishek Chaubey because they stood by their ideals instead of preaching. Do that and then talk about social issues.

FINAL VERDICT – I don’t think I have been able to articulately present my thoughts in this analysis because I am way too angry to do that. In all finality, I want to say this that I really don’t care about the Hindi Film Industry. They make their money. They don’t care what we want to see. If a movie bombs, they make another dozen stupid movies and earn it but then don’t make a hue and cry about it when you don’t get selected for the Oscars. It is because nobody takes us seriously. We maybe the industry which makes the highest number of movies per year, but only 5 of them are good and the rest are shit.
When has quantity become better than quality?
I always keep myself confined to Hollywood movies, because they show what they want. If somebody gets offended they write an article about it, instead of shutting it down. So I am better off watching those films. Bollywood can keep doing this, till they become irrelevant or the audience becomes programmed to not having a spine.
I mean how funny is it that a movie parodying the court, gets censored by the court for parodying the court.

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EDIT – Just something I thought. Is censoring the movie the top priority of the lawyer of the Bombay High Court? If he would divert his attention to more serious criminal cases and cases that will actually help the people of this country who are paying their taxes, which in turn is feeding his mouth instead of acting like a whiny baby. Maybe, that will help uphold the image of the court.