I am gonna say the review is spoiler free-ish because you pretty much know what happened at the end of it, right? You’re eating this stuff all year long. Tell you what? Watch this movie and tell me how you feel eating that tasty shitzle, all this time.
I can bet you anything that you won’t be looking at McDonald’s the same way again.

So, this is the second movie request I got. This one’s from Arkadeep Joardar. Thanks, man. I am just so glad that I haven’t ever mistakenly wandered into a McDonald’s.

Ok, you all might be wondering why I am saying that so many times. It’s because there are three types of biopics(I think). One, is the inspirational kind. You come out of the theatre and you feel,”Yeah! I feel grateful” or “Yeah! This person is gonna be my role model from now”.
There’s the second kind, which just walks the line. The best example is The Social Network. I came out of it feeling respect because of the immense intellect of Zuckerberg and feeling sorry for Eduardo Saverin and also feeling thankful that I am not like Zucks.
Then, there’s the third kind which hits you with such a story about a thing which you know like the back of your hand and you just can’t digest the story. Like for example, if a movie about the stapler comes out and you find out that there is a story of betrayal in it, how will you feel about it? I’ll go back to using glue for certain.

Coming to the movie, the script is tight. I am always a bit reluctant towards movies which are made now, but they are recreating another era. It tends to drag at times. Thankfully, it doesn’t in this movie. Sometimes a few plots seem to come in easy and it felt like they skipped a few things just to progress the plot. The best thing about Robert D. Siegel’s script is that he manages to get inside your head. Like, when I was thinking that the movie is becoming too fluff, something dark needs to happen and boom! The 2nd act brings in the gritty stuff out. You’ll notice it.
Now, when that script is coupled with the marvellous editing by Robert Frazen. You have yourself, in front of you, a recipe for greatness.
The cinematography is pretty tame. They have recreated that time or that year very well though. The music of the movie makes up for the cinematography. It does help your mind to travel back in time.

Now that recipe for greatness does have a pinch of emotion missing in it. Yup. John Lee Hancock, does a bang on job in bringing up a story which is part of every house in America and now all over the world. He starts out small, goes big and then it becomes a bit platonic. He doesn’t reach that optimum level of emotion that can help connect the crowd with the story. All of the problems and the hold ups are centred around the McDonald brothers and Kroc. Everything around isn’t focused on at all. So when a few emotional things happen, which I don’t wanna spoil. I didn’t feel that tug in the heart.
Like, when Zuckerberg kicks out Saverin and there is that memorable scene where Saverin opens the door of the conference wide open. You know what has happened and when Saverin bursts out, you feel it in you because everyone has friends. You know how you feel when a rift in your friendship occurs and that helps you replicate the emotion in the movie.
Here, that doesn’t really happen. So it bummed me out a bit.

In the acting department, I want to say that Michael “Batman” Keaton is getting such amazing roles. I have a soft spot for him. He was the first Batman I ever witnessed. I was blown away. It hurt me to see him in cliched roles in Need for Speed and Robocop. After Spotlight, Birdman and this, he is back again. He is going to be in Spider-man:Homecoming. I am way too excited for that. Keaton has exceptional control over his mannerisms and voice modulation. I mean, when you see the clip of the real Kroc, you can see the similarity. The thing is, it doesn’t feel like he is copying. It feels like he is doing his own thing but also emulating the real guy. Nick Offerman and John Carrol Lynch chip in and are very believable. Everybody chips in pretty good, except one.
B.J. Novak. I’ve been seeing him since his The Office days and he has been phoning it in since then. I mean there is one conversational scene between him and Keaton and he looks like he is reading off a page. It’s not a recital for crying out loud.

FINAL VERDICT – See, if you’re a fan of that burger. Like, real hardcore fan. Like, you can kill somebody over that burger then don’t see it. Your heart probably won’t be able to take it.
For the others, definitely watch it. It has Keaton’s finest performances. Some great film-making and a story that needs to be heard.

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