I know, I use the “ish” many times. It helps convey the tone of my thoughts.

Let me give you a bit of context as to why am I angered by this movie.
A few days ago, there was a podcast of Shah Rukh Khan where he said that whenever he does these off-beat movies, they don’t work. Nawazzudin, in a podcast, also mentioned that. Nawazzudin even answered his own complaint by saying that people everywhere do not want to see these kind of mundane movies or everyday life movies because he feels that they do it everyday, so they don’t want to see it in the theatre. That’s why these movies don’t work and that’s why they have to resort to masala movies.

All of that are very convenient excuses and I’ll dare to say excuses because the same audience lauded Rockstar, Highway and Gangs of Wasseypur. So you see, the problem isn’t that the movie is off-beat. The problem is shoddy writing and cliched endings. Where Anurag Kashyap and Imtiaz Ali make a movie when they get a good script, while also getting their hands dirty, directors like Gauri Shinde and Nitya Mehra(Baar Baar Dekho) take a step back and make this cushion for the characters and the movie to fall back on.

Wow, that was a huge sentence.

As I have started with the problems first, let me talk about them first and then come to the good stuff. You can scroll down and see that I have not divided this into sections and if you know my new rule, that means I don’t dislike the movie.
I will start with the acting. The actors who enacted the roles of the father, mother and the other two relatives should either learn some acting or hang up the coats and retire. They overacted the crap out of those scenes and weren’t irritating because of what they were saying. What they were saying were the most cringe-worthy dialogues, but the expressions and volume at which they were speaking was way off. Also, the dialogues given to these characters were so bad. I am saying so because I’ve seen Gauri Shinde’s previous movie, English Vinglish and there the discrimination and taunts were way more subtle but noticeable than in this movie.
The next thing is the most obvious thing, I think everybody knows this, that I find irritating are songs. Is it so necessary to make the obvious things more obvious with songs? Kaira breaks up so there is a song “Let’s Break up”. Kaira finds her life back so “Love you Zindagi”. Kaira is going through another break up so “Just go to hell”. Really? Really!?
This is a small problem. The set design looked horrendously fake and pretentious.
The last and the main thing that is my main problem are the characters. The set up is great. The topics that Gauri Shinde took are great but why give them these fluff backgrounds? Why would anyone relate with a person who is a cinematographer and whose parents live in a posh villa in Goa? Why would anyone care? For all I know, people of that standard wipe off their grief with the notes they have. These characters aren’t relatable. There should be stakes. Real stakes that people face in real life. That would help the audience project themselves on these characters. You lose 80% of the audience when you say the protagonist has done her film school from New York. It sounds great but is it relatable?

So, now the good stuff. The best thing about this movies are the examples given by SRK’s Jahangir. That is the only thing that people can take away from the movie and even imply in their lives. My favourite is the last one, which is about burdening one relationship with all your expectations. When you can have different types of friends to talk with, share with, then why expect all of that from your love? It was a great one and one which I had to learn myself. It would have been great if someone like Jahangir would have been there to help me but something that you learn yourself, sticks.
Sorry for getting philosophical. Moving on.
Alia is just getting better with each movie. She emotes verbally and also through her eyes. If someone can cast Alia and Ranbir in a movie, that would be great. SRK brings another character into his huge filmography. This is entirely different from what he has done before. Purely conversational and his eyes speak way more than his words. I remember a description that Harry Potter gave about Dumbledore. I know, this is entirely different but hear me out. He said that Dumbledore’s eyes had a piercing effect, as if he knows everything about you. SRK, does that and that fleshes out the character of the  psychologist, Jahangir. Kaira’s friend. Yashaswini Dayama is great and memorable. She was also in Phobia, which is one of my favourite movies.

FINAL VERDICT – Turn a blind eye to all the fluff parts of the movie and take away the philosophies. I say that because I had used that for my college yearbook. I don’t know if it even got printed or not but they told me to write something about my college life which will also serve as an advice to my juniors. So I just wrote,”Experience everything, remember the good stuff and filter out the rest”. It’s simple but effective.
So yeah, definitely give it a watch. Maybe I was a bit too critical about all this, so I didn’t like it very much. So, I’ll keep that aside and I’ll tell you to definitely give it a watch. Show it to someone who is stressed out or is going through some problem, instead of sending them to the psychiatrist. This movie is much more helpful than a shrink.

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