Do you remember that little plane scene from World War Z? Where the remaining uninfected are being transported to a safer place. Now make that into the whole premise of the movie. Interchange the plane with a speeding train, and you have Train To Busan.
Chris Stuckmann, I think, suggested this movie. It is a South Korean movie but has the capacity to topple zombie based movies around the world. I can say this that it did everything good, where movies like Dawn of the Dead or World War Z or even The Walking Dead faltered. In a run-time of 2 hours, this movie managed to invoke suspense, horror, action and emotion. It did become a bit preachy at times, but when everything is set into motion again, you kinda forget about it.

So, the movie begins with the main protagonist, Seok Woo and his daughter, Soo-an. They are travelling, as the title suggests, to Busan in order to celebrate the daughter’s birthday. Soon the entire of South Korea is engulfed with this massive infection and guess what. It has made it’s way into that train. If that isn’t the recipe for a great claustrophobic movie, I don’t know what is.
I remember watching Non-Stop, and the setting for that movie was on a plane. The only consolation that movie had was that you can jump off with a parachute if it comes to that. Here there is no safe haven. In the train you’re travelling with death and outside the train, death is waiting for you.
The best thing is that, Sang-ho Yeon manages to keep that claustrophobia alive throughout the film. I was really happy that he decided to keep the zombies fast. The slow ones just bore the crap out of me. Here they follow sound and can’t see, which leads to some amazing sequences.

The action in this movie is very hard-hitting and gritty. Some of the fighting sequences have a loud score and slow-mo shots of people hitting zombies. That is balanced with some great hand-to-hand combat scenes. It’s like if you replace the goons in the corridor sequence of Oldboy with zombies. The CGI was pretty good considering the scale of the movie. It kept the intensity alive.

Some maybe wondering is why I compared it to The Walking Dead. I did so because TWD mainly focuses on how normal people will react to such supernatural circumstances. How there characteristics will change and to what extent can these people go to survive.
This movie manages to do all of that. There are a few other characters, who manage to bring about that change in the character of the protagonist. Every single character followed a character arc and it was hinted throughout the movie. That is why when that arc culminates, you feel satisfied that,”yes, this was going to happen”.
The acting in this movie is very commendable. Especially Yoo Gong. I know he was the hero but he was really great. Everyone gave very grounded performances. No complaints at all in the acting department.

FINAL VERDICT – This is one of the best zombie movies in cinematic history. Or at least for me, it is. This has been becoming a redundant genre and usually Hollywood tends to make some cheap money out of this premise but, Train To Busan really took it seriously and invested a lot of time and effort into it. I will certainly tell you to give it a watch. If you’re afraid of gore, then I can tell you that there isn’t much gore. The camera cuts away and the horror is mainly reflected in the face of the characters. So don’t shy away because of the blood. Watch it for the action, the acting and witness how a cliched plot was turned into a masterpiece.

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