Till 2011, I knew there are two types of people. Introverts and extroverts. Introverts are those that keep to themselves, are in general shy and don’t even look at these adrenaline pumping stuff. This has it’s disadvantages though. If these introverts fall into difficult, high-octane situations, they just give up and die.
I don’t think I’ve to explain about extroverts. You watch this movie and it is the perfect portrayal of what happens to extroverts.
Now, in 2011 I came to know about a third kind of person, which is basically me. That’s an ambivert. We are lazy extroverts. Like, I am happy seeing this shit, but I’ll never ever try this. Not even scuba diving. I am happy seeing people do it, but after this movie. No thank you.

So, my parents are huge fans of Spielberg and obviously Jaws. So I got to see it on the VHS(Yes, kids. I am from that era) and I was helplessly crying throughout the movie even though I was on land. I watched it again when I was about 15 and it still scared the shit out of me. Later, I saw Deep Blue Sea in the theatre and it solidified my stance about not getting into water. The Shallows is as good as Jaws and better than Deep Blue Sea. I am using these movies for reference because these are the movies about shark attacks and also because it left a lasting impression on my mind.

Let me get this out of the way, and you can judge me all you want. I simply don’t care. Blake Lively is hot. This is what I thought before watching this movie. Blake Lively is hot and is a great actress, is what I think after watching this movie.
Now, usually when I see a hot actress and I know that she is married. I openly curse her husband because I’m jealous. Blake Lively is an exception. She is with Ryan Reynolds. So it’s fine.

Enough chit-chat. Now let’s talk about the movie. Like I said before, this movie is kinda in the horror genre. Action-horror may be appropriate. You see, the whole set-up is scary. I didn’t care if she is in a bikini and is all wet. I wanted her to stay alive and get back to the shore. I was invested in the character and the setting of the movie. So people who are criticising the movie for her being skimpily clad, take a hike!
Director Jaume Collet-Serra has also directed Non-stop, which is a thriller on a plane. Now he has done this. It proves that the man can create fear-related movies out of anything. There are a few gripes I have, but I’ll come to that later.
The whole movie is on a rock and keeping that interesting is extremely difficult but they really pulled it off. I was expecting it to become boring but by the hour, the movie was becoming very scary and it was difficult to look at Nancy because of that. So, major credits to Anthony Jaswinski for writing such an original script. I mean, it has been done a few times but all of them became boring because the movie kept going into flashback about how the characters regret what they have done and the usual melodrama.
Here the movie was solely concentrated on Nancy and her wit. No melodrama. No weeping. Pure, raw, human emotion. The action is pretty hard-hitting. The shark is pretty menacing.

Blake Lively gives the performance of a life-time. I have been on the internet for quite a while and I’ve seen over-hyped group of people who keep talking about how women are treated in movies and all that. Writers have brought a change and not because of these groups. These groups will always be whining and be unhappy and I’ll be here enjoying great movies.
Back to her acting. Blake Lively is just perfect for this role. I’ve seen her in Savages(yes, you know what I’m talking about). I don’t watch Gossip Girl, so I don’t know much about her acting chops. Seeing this, I think she should get more roles. She has great voice modulation due to which she doesn’t go to the extent of sounding whiny when she is shouting. It irritates me and it is a personal thing. She carries off the action-y parts very convincingly.

Now, to the gripes. The initial sequence where they start surfing is very tacky. The slow-motion sequences were over-used. They should have kept it for the last half-hour. The colour grading really irritated me. I would have preferred a dark tone throughout the movie. The overtly blue and yellow colouring during the day light sequences, made the movie look very Michael Bay-ish. The CGI was sometimes really off, especially with the dolphins and also the shark. The sound during the initial conversational scene in the sea sounds very artificial. They didn’t make it sound natural.

I think many will be complaining that “sharks don’t do like this” and “they don’t behave like this”. So to my amateur marine biologists, I’d like to say this. If you look closely, the Shark is scarred all over it’s body. It is clearly not a normal shark. It is similar to the concept of the man-eating tiger. It is an outcast because it eats humans and that justifies the ferocious behaviour. It roams on it’s own and as soon as it’s gets a prey, it doesn’t let go very easily.

FINAL VERDICT – Obviously, obviously give this movie a watch. Show it your kids and scar them for life. Just kidding.
The movie is full of action and suspense and has a heart-felt performance by Blake Lively. It has the most awesome finale sequences I have seen recently. I was literally clapping.Certainly watch it. Don’t miss this movie under any circumstances.

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