I want to start this review by stating that this is the best eerie, creepy and good horror movie I’ve seen after It Follows. That said, for the last few days I’ve been planning to get creeped out but I wasn’t getting the right movie. I had seen the trailer for this one but the ratings weren’t very assuring. Still, as I go by the rule:”If I like the trailer,  I watch the movie” and I’m glad I didn’t break the rule. Want to know something else that is creepy? This is no spoiler. The movie has an alternate name and that is February. What month is it now?(dun..dun..daaaa!!)

The movie pretty much follows the story of 3 young girls: Kat, Rose and Joan. The screenplay doesn’t follow a strict linear format and instead keeps jumping between the present and the past and I found that intriguing. Kat and Rose are at the hostel, waiting for their respective parents to come and take them home. Both of their parents are stuck, apparently, and there is where the haunting begins.
There is not much dialogue in the whole movie. Silence is the key element and that adds to the eeriness of the set-up. I’ll laud Oz Perkins for making a hostel that scary. For the 1st half of the movie, the movie is just so much silence and so much creaking of doors, beds and practically anything that can creak. The second half has some music and it is used very precisely.

The only major gripe which I have is the motive behind the haunting and everything. I have a vague explanation but if you, dear reader, have an explanation then please don’t forget to mention it in the comments. Other than that, this is such a breath of fresh air in the horror genre. Recently the Rings movie came out and even though I haven’t seen it, the trailer was pretty suggestive that it is going to be full of jump-scares.
Don’t worry, this movie has a sum total of 2 jump-scares and it is placed very carefully in the movie.

The cinematography in the movie is extremely beautiful. While the external shots are gorgeous, the real magic happens during the darkly lit indoor shots. The shots have more impact due to the crisp editing. I don’t want to spoil much, but the twist is pretty good and is shown very intelligently.

Coming to the acting performances. Each and every one gave bone-chilling performances. The only one who was 50-50 for me was Emma Roberts. She had a lot of screen-time, especially in the 2nd half. In comparison to Lucy Boynton and Kiernan Shipka, she was kinda pale. I’m not saying she was bad, but just a tad bit off.
I am officially a fan of Kiernan Shipka. I knew I had seen her before somewhere. She was in Carriers, starring Chris Pine. She was amazing, especially in close-ups. She gave me goosebumps.
It was great to see James “Harry Morgan” Remar, again. He did a pretty neat job. There is a certain goodness in him that he brings to his acting and when it sells, why hold back.

FINAL VERDICT – If you liked or loved or were even interested to see It Follows, you’re surely going to love this. Fair warning: the pace is fairly slow, compared to every other horror movie. If you don’t like slow pace then this isn’t for you, but if you make it past the 40 min. mark, I assure you that you’re not gonna regret watching the rest of it.
For horror movie fans, this is a must watch.

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