I was going to put up my review of Arrival(2016) but something else caught my eye. It was the trailer of Badrinath ki Dulhania(2017). So this movie follows the roles of Humpty? No. It has cast the same actor who was in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania(2014).
Oh, so it must follow the role of Kavya? No. They have just cast Alia Bhatt in this movie.
So basically, this movie has a similar name as the previous one. It has the same cast as the previous one but, what it looks like, has the same story as the previous one. So it’s not a sequel, at least in layman terms. This is what is called milking. The funny thing is that HSKD(2014) made a profit out of it’s simplistic plot. It was good, entertaining, cliched but fun. It ended with the hero and the heroine getting married.
So what would a logical person do? You look at the numbers, you see the movie has a great profit margin, you see that the actors from the original movie are quite famous now so you decide, let’s make some more money out of it. So you get a script which reprises the characters and the story is a continuation of the previous—-no?
If you delete the last sentence of the previous line, you will have a fair understanding of the Hindi Film’s industry of sequels.

You can put up the argument that why do I care? Because I see a multi-billion dollar franchise called the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I look at the Hindi Film Industry and care to question why are we not doing that?
If you do what they are doing, the movies will be profitable. The people will be looking forward to the next movie and you will be leaving back a mark in the cinematic history and also in our minds.
By doing this, you are just leaving farts on the face of cinema.

Let me start with the worst examples of sequels. Race and Race 2. Both of them just reprises the same characters and have a half-arsed narration or flashback that kills off the previous characters so that the protagonists are in the same place as they were in the original. That allows the directors and “script” writers to recycle the successful plot of the original, again. You can see this has been done in many movies. 
Hera Pheri 
is one of my most favourite movies of all time and is loved by everyone in India. If you happen to not like it, I am sure you don’t have a heart. There is a piece of stone in there. I don’t care what the doctors say but you’re heartless. Now, the producers caught a hint of this and made a sequel. Guess what they did? They killed off every side character from the previous one, brought the characters to ground zero and recycled the plot.
Other examples are Dabangg and Dabangg 2, the Dhoom series, the Raaz series etc. I saw this clubbed into a category called “common diegetic world“. It’s just a fancy way of saying,”We wanted to milk the shit out of the original, so we just used the name and recycled the plot”.

The complete atrocities are the Masti series, the Dhamaal series, the Golmaal series, the Malamaal series and the Kya Kool Hai Hum series. They don’t even care. Literally and I am not even joking. The biggest atrocity in the name of sequels or “common diegetic world” is Munnabhai.
When I went into watch Munnabhai 2, I was searching for Munni. The girl from the previous movie. Instead I get Vidya Balan shouting,”GOOOOOODDDDD MOOOORRRRNNNNIIINNGGGG MUMBAAAAIIII“. Such a cheap rip-off of the great Robin Williams. I am so grateful that due to some reason they couldn’t make the 3rd one. They were sending Munnabhai to America and I am sure it wouldn’t have had any connection with the 2nd one.
It’s so shameful that they are still doing this. They did it with Once upon a time in Mumbai, Singham, Ishqiya, Welcome and Kahaani. I think they are planning to do it with Commando, Bang Bang, Atithi Tum Kab Jaaoge, Ek tha Tiger(that I don’t care), Jolly LLB and even Baby and many more movies in 2017.

The movies that got good sequels were the Sarkaar trilogy, Don duology, Gangs of Wasseypur, Rakhth Charitra and even though it aches my heart to say this, but the Krrish trilogy. At least they respected the originals in some way instead of clubbing it into the “common diegetic world”. This is my most hated phrase now.

See, I am no expert in making films. I am a layman who watches a ton of movies and have some preferences which are formed by logic. That logic tells me that movies should be made with the view that it improves upon it’s predecessor instead of doing the same thing and hoping that the audience likes it. If you say, that if I am such a fan of sequels then I should keep to the Hollywood movies and to that I would use the F-word and tell you to grow a spine.
I love Hindi movies. I love my country and I want it’s movies to be at par with every other movie in the world. I can’t say about the universe because we are in the process of finding that out.
I am sure none of the film producers will be reading this but I hope my country’s film industry learns how to make sequels the right way because if you see closely, 90% of the sequels are box-office flops. I am asking the question why and so should you.

With that said I end my rant or analysis on sequels in the Hindi film industry.

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