Honestly speaking, I am a little depressed due to the ending, but also impressed at how engrossing this film was. Life Of Mumbai is a Marathi short film about a loving husband and his wife. The film speaks about the day to day life of a Mumbaikar and that they get so busy at times that they even forget about holidays.

I’ll tell you a secret without spoiling anything. I copy and paste the description of the movie from the description of the Youtube video so that anybody reading this review gets the description that the director intends to sell to the audience. Here, the last few words of the description is a bit of a lie. It’s a white lie. The twist at the ending is really hard-hitting though.

The film begins in a very mundane manner showing the day to day activities of an ageing couple. The editing was very crisp due to which the mundane activities didn’t feel boring. Just after the half-way mark, the tension begins to increase. The acting is very natural and very fine, nothing over the top. I was absolutely amazed at the camera-work. So many angles were used but there wasn’t too much jumping between the camera angles. The only thing that I wished and that’s a personal thing, is that the camera should have lingered a little longer on the face of the husband, after the twist was revealed, before pulling out into the wide shot.

It’s a brilliant short film. It took me back to my school days when I used to get up in a hurry to get dressed up for school, only to have a back-handed slap of realisation. Obviously watch it and support such nuanced pieces of work. You don’t have to go searching. I am providing the link down there. If you have any other short films that you want me to watch, then type it in the comments.

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