I wanted to see something intense today and but this was just too much. Peter Berg does it again. I think he has mastered the art of hard hitting action. I’ll tell you this, if you’ve a faint heart, be careful while watching this movie.

Peter Berg comes back into big-screen direction after Lone Survivor(2013). Before I begin with this movie, let me talk a little about Lone Survivor. That movie had my adrenaline pumping for 2 days straight, because I wasn’t programmed then to watch such amount of action. The worst thing was that it felt so real. I think you know what I’m talking about. Yes, the jumping off the cliff scenes. It was riveting. Now, the thing with Peter Berg’s movies is that he doesn’t build characters.
Yes, I am getting the gripes out of the way first. The first few moments, until the shit hits the fan, felt very incoherent. I wasn’t understanding what they were talking about and the scenes were jumping around a lot. Especially during the second confrontation between Malkovich and Kurt Russell. It was a heated scene but the shaky cam really wasn’t helping. Some of the dialogues felt a little bit juvenile. I am not very educated about American small talk, so I don’t want to judge it too much.

The CGI was mind-blowing. I couldn’t really tell what was real and what was not. I think this was one of the most toughest movies that have been filmed. I suppose you have seen the trailer and you can see all that mud and water. It’s real. Even if the actors weren’t always there, the stuntmen had to go through a lot and you have my utmost respect. There was so much intensity. The CGI was supplemented with very good editing. It added to the shock factor. Marky Mark, Kurt Russell and every other member gave a very nuanced performance.
You might be thinking that there wasn’t much acting to do, but that’s the beauty of it. They didn’t overact one bit. I mean it’s a disaster movie. Actors tend to overact in disaster movies. From start to finish, everyone maintained the realism that the director had in mind. You can say the only problem was that there weren’t well-shaped characters to root for. It felt more like a unified effort. Now, that I’ve said that, I think it was intentional to keep the character development at a bare minimum. On top of that if Berg would have dedicated more time to character building it would have decreased his time of showcasing the destruction. Even though Michael Bay has ruined explosions for me. Peter Berg uses it effectively. The two characters who were actually fully developed were Malkovich’s Vidrine and Kurt Russell’s Jimmy Harrell. Others, like I said earlier, felt more like a team rather than individuals.

FINAL VERDICT – To tell you the truth, I was quite shaken before writing this. I had to take a little break so that I could calm my nerves. There is nothing more disturbing than seeing a man cry. Mark Wahlberg was really impressive in those last few scenes. Very impressive. Please do watch this movie if you haven’t already. I think you’ve obviously figured that by now. It’s a small film but like Berg’s explosions, it’s effective. If you’ve watched it already, then comment below and let me know about how you felt about this movie.