All of those amateur analyses led to this historic moment. The moment that nobody is waiting for. The Republic Day Parade review. A celebration of the day when the Constitution of India came into force. A massive display of our armed forces, the various states, the daredevils, the advancements our nation is making and commemorating the fallen and awarding the brave. It’s basically India flexing with pride and honour.

Ok, let me get the gripes out of the way first and then I can talk about the good stuff. I begin with the sleeping beauties. Leading the pack is our ex-Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh. Yes, I caught him sleeping. Actually the camera-man caught him sleeping. Also, the defence minister, Manohar Parrikar. Yes, he thought he would get away with it but nope! The editor was really generous. He would always cut way whenever any of the guests’ eyelids would come together. I understand Manohar Parrikar has to stay but the rest of the dignitaries should have a bit of respect for the people who are displaying for the nation. For these VIP’s, it’s a long line of tabloids but for them it’s a once in a life-time opportunity. At least keep your eyes open.
Then, let me mention the over-enthusiastic Uncles. Every time the camera would pan over the crowd there would be three to four of these uncles, dancing away and waving at the camera. Even when there is no music. Just curb your enthusiasm a bit. The whole world is watching. You can dance later. Whenever this parade will be aired, do you really want yourself to be dancing and jiggling your belly?
Onto my next gripe. The songs with the administrative tabloids. Maybe I am being crude, but they are horrendous. A simple instrumental is enough. No need to sing “GST! GST!” when the tabloid for GST is going. If it is absolutely necessary, hire a better music composer. I think they will be more than eager to serve the nation in their own way.

This is exactly not a gripe. It’s somewhere in between. I feel that the detailed description of the fallen, when someone from his family comes to accept the Ashok Chakra is a bit cruel. Maybe I don’t understand the significance of the detailed description but it looks very painful on the part of the family member.

Now, to the good stuff. I am always amazed at one thing. No, not the daredevils. I am amazed at the token Uncles and Aunties that comes with each tabloid. You may not notice it but every state has a stereotypical aunt or uncle and these tabloids get their respective aunt and uncles bang on. As I am on the topic of the tabloids, to be honest, they looked heavily affected by demonetisation. They were kept simplistic and most of the work went into the animatronics. West Bengal was there, thankfully. It was meh! For me the winner is a tie. It’s between Assam and Tamil Nadu. They were colourful and detailed. It looked complete. The camera also caught our PM, Narendra Modi laughing away. It’s a rare moment.
As I review movies, I always look out for good camera-work. As suggested by the small DD advert about the various cameras they are using, I have to say they did a good job. Like I mentioned earlier, the editing was pretty crisp, except for one mistake where he cut away to the camera which was shifting manually. Except for that, pretty neat job.
My salute, to the daredevils. The moment the bikes start to wobble it feels like the beginning of a horror movie but at the end they manage to pull it off, as always.

FINAL VERDICT – To sum it all up, the whole procedure was conducted very beautifully. Even though it does not portray the real situation of our nation but the Republic Day parade gives hope and a sense of patriotism and a sense of direction towards the future our country is heading in.