Usually when I start the tagline with predictable, it is usually followed by passable or formulaic but this time I have to give it to the movie. The setting of the movie, in itself, is so picturesque and the cinematographer, Adam Arkapaw did a splendid job by using the scenery to complement every emotion and scene.

SCREENPLAY – I haven’t read the book, so those who have read it, please don’t come at me with pitch-forks. The director, who is also the writer of the screen-play, I think has done a marvellous job because it gave me the feeling that I am actually reading a book. Now, the major problem lies in the fact that you don’t read a book in one go. I know some who do, but I don’t and there lies the problem. The first one hour has been put onto the screen very aptly, but the second half begins to drag due to over-expository sequences. I think the second half could have been a little more tighter because the second half had more going on in it. Now, you may think that if there is more going on then it should take more time. My answer to that is “No”, because the events of the 1st half had made the 2nd half a bit predictable so what is the point of prolonging it?

DIRECTION – The director of The Place Beyond the Pines(2012) comes back after a humongous gap of four years. Dude has something to do with bleakness, right? He is also the director of Blue Valentine(2010) and I never finished that movie. It was too depressing for me. This man knows how to make you smile and then just snatch it all away from you. He has full control over the emotions of the character and the emotions of the audience and he puts that to full use. This movie reminded me of Lootera(2013). If you haven’t watched it, I strongly recommend you to watch it. Now, where Lootera succeeds and this movie lags behind is the final intimate moments. It was captured in the first half of the movie so well but completely faltered in the second half. That is why some things during the final moments of the movie felt a bit rushed.

ACTING – I saw a movie of Michael Fassbender a few days ago and now I am seeing this and I am in awe. He doesn’t make any major changes in his physicality or any noticeable changes but he transforms into the character he is playing. He has played a mutant, a war veteran, a thief and an assassin, all in the span of one year and he is every bit convincing as each of those characters. Alicia Vikander is also a force to reckon with. She defines the word finesse. It’s not in the dialogues in which she portrays her emotions, but it’s in the little things. Those little things cannot be taught in an acting school. It’s sheer talent and I admire her for that. Rachel Weisz, also gives a subdued yet powerful performance. I think I saw her last in The Lobster(2015), which is also one of my favourite movies.
I just saw that they had used multiple actresses for Lucy/Grace for each age and I have to say, all of them were cute and amazing.

FINAL VERDICT – I am no fan of love stories. I have a handful of love stories which I like watching. Though this does not make the list, but it is certainly worth a watch due to the performances of Vikander and Fassbender. I mean, I can watch Vikander and Fassbender for hours reading a book and simultaneously emoting every single moment in it. That too will be worth watching, I suppose.