This is my second follow-up to the review of the Republic Day Parade. If you haven’t read the first one, you can click here and give it a read. By here, I mean on the word here. Click on the word here in blue.

Just messing around, I know you’re smart. Do you want to know who aren’t smart? The thousands of dare-devils in my hometown, Siliguri. Before I begin, I just want to point out that isn’t “Siliguri Speedsters” a good name for a biker’s union or something of that sort? It’s strange that no on hasn’t used that name yet. Well, you’re welcome if any wannabe speedster is reading this, which I very much doubt.

Now, you might be thinking I’ll be dissing on the people who ride bikes without helmets on their head or go at break-neck speed through the small roads through my colony but that’s not what this is about. This is exactly the opposite of that.

I actually want every one of these riders to drive at break-neck speed and without helmets. Want to know why? Because that increases their chances of dying and frankly I don’t care about any of them dying. I care when people like these put others in danger. Kids, old people to be specific. So I hope these bikers avoid kids and elderly people and just ram into the wall and become a Jackson Pollock painting. I’ll probably take a picture and frame it.

Coming to a much more serious aspect or a much real suggestion. So, my suggestion to all these people with Yamahas and Bullets and what not, please don’t drive in these small roads. Think about it. Aren’t you wasting your own talent? Who is going to see or have the time to appreciate such talent in a road within a road within a road? Instead, what you should do is represent our country. For crying out loud, there is only one MotoGP rider representing India and that is S. Sarath Kumar, whereas I get to see at least 10 potential MotoGP riders every-single-day.

FINAL VERDICT – If you haven’t caught whiff of my sarcasm, here’s some more. See, our population is increasing. There are more bikes in Siliguri than there are people. So do us pedestrians or peaceful walkers a huge favour and just crash and die. Probably your bikers’ union will put up a photo of you and remember you as a hero. If you ask me, that’s much better than being called an A-hole every time people hear the sound of your bike. I really feel bad when they say such nasty stuff. After all that, if you manage to stay alive then apply for MotoGP or other formats of racing and make our country proud. Jai Hind!