Short but effective can be an apt way to describe this movie. I was invested in it in a span of 7 minutes, so well done! This movie is directed by Rahul Yadav. Music / Sound by Sadhu Sushil Tiwari and edited by Siddhesh Girkar. Cinematography by Sahil Bhardwaj and stars Shruti Sharma as the main protagonist  and Tejas Girish Thakkar.

The film is very well shot. Even though there is no dialogue, the situation of Shruti is beautifully shot. Due to that, no exposition is required. Right from the placement of the utensils to the dripping piece of cloth, everything built up the character of Shruti. I am saying that because when she is asked to shift again I was actually saying in my mind that, “Oh shit! The landlord is gonna tell her to move again”. Now that apparently is nothing major but at least that came to my mind and that is a success for a short film. A short amount of emotion created in a limited amount of time. The song is extremely good. I don’t remember listening to any soundtrack in any of the short films featured in Pocket Films, but it was great. I was trying to remember whether I’ve heard it before but I think it’s an original. Even if it’s not, it gave an emotional weight to the situation.

Definitely give it a watch because it’s relatable. Everyone had to move from one place to another at some time of their life and on the surface it feels like you don’t have any emotional attachment, but when you leave you understand the connection you had with your shelter. Still at the end of the day you have to move on.

Credits: The featured image is a Youtube screen-grab from the film.