I thought of doing a follow-up to a review of the Republic Day Parade that takes place every year on the 26th of January in order to honor the day on which the Constitution of India came into force. Now, doing the review of the Republic Day Parade is a very big IF, because there are many factors playing in the background. One in specific is that whether I’ll get up to watch it or not. Yeah, judge me but you know that’s a huge factor. I may end up watching a recap of it later but I’ll review it all right. The next judgement that may be coming up in your mind is that maybe I am not patriotic enough because I won’t get up in the morning. Well, I am human after all and as per the code of laziness, sleep above all else. That was a joke.

First off. Jallikattu. Now, this may be the popular opinion with a twist but hear me out, please. Is banning Jallikattu the topmost priority right now in India? Is it really? There are a few dudes on the back of bulls trying to get themselves killed. That’s practically suicide and you already have a law for charging someone for attempt to suicide, I think. So just club this into that and you’re done. Why make this such a big issue by banning it? Put the Janmasthami death pyramid into that too. Use some logic for crying out loud. You see, I am an atheist but I respect people who believe in religion until the moment they start citing facts about it. So I respect the rituals that come along with religious festivals and religion will be a prevalent factor in India. So use some logic and work around it. Issue safety gear to the people who perform in such acts and you don’t have to deal with so many unemployed people protesting people.
What? You think all those people coming to a protest on a weekday have left their jobs to protest for this? How naive are you? Now that is a thing to be worried about. That is what the Government should be worried about. Increasing employment. In a statement from November 2016, President Pranab Mukherjee stated that job creation is at a seven-year low. Now if the Govt. would have applied some logic they would have created more jobs. More jobs, more employment and thus, they have less time to worry about stuff like this.

The biggest problem, or a thing which I found illogical was standing for the national anthem before a movie begins. I watch a lot of movies, that’s why it’s a problem for me. Again, judge me all you want and see if I care. Where does the Supreme Court and the Government come up with logic like this? On top of that, they made this rule after demonetization. When the country is going through a major shift they went like,”Ok, we haven’t done something stupid for a few days, let’s do this”. How am I supposed to feel patriotic in a dark room with a CGI flag of India? That too such horrible CGI. What? Didn’t they have an actual footage of the beautiful flag of India? I am sorry, I see bad CGI when there is bad CGI. Coming back to the topic. What good is that going to do? Feeling patriotic?

Is that going to stop people from peeing in the streets or stop people from parking in the middle of the street?

Is standing in-front of a CGI flag going to speed up the judiciary system in our country?

Is standing in-front of CGI going to decriminalise homosexual relationships? Oh right, they didn’t even let Aligarh(2016) release.

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then I suggest you to get some perspective and buy some logic if it is up for sale somewhere.

FINAL VERDICT – See, I am not going to cite animal cruelty. I am non-vegetarian and I f*cking love eating meat. I also don’t care about people who want to get trampled by bulls but if that’s a scenario for debate right now, I think people should apply a bit of logic. That’s all and please don’t listen to actors giving their views. They are just banking on your sentiments so that you come to see their next movie thinking,”Hey they understand us”. Patriotism is great when applied in the right places and when you accompany that with logic. I am just an average guy who cares about average problems. I can’t care about global problems when you have China & America piercing the ozone layer. I can care about the things I see everyday. See, you can stand in-front of the CGI flag but after that don’t spit on the streets or pee on your motherland or take dahej or disrespect someone from having some game. Yes, the people who disrespect people of being gay are just jealous because they are getting to bang and they have to wait for their parent’s permission to bang. Food for thought.