It’s funny how I haven’t seen nobody talking about this. The reason can be two-fold. Either people don’t want to talk about it because of Bill Burr or I am mingling with the wrong folk. I have been watching Bill Burr’s stand-up comedy for sometime now and I was just looking up about what he does other and stand-up and voila! A Netflix animated series. On top of that it’s A-rated. What else could you ask for? The setup is great and it reminded me of the town in which Edward Scissorhands takes place, except everyone is swearing and being real. I am not kidding here, I was laughing my ass off while watching the entire series and I binge watched it. Now, fair warning here. If you’re a special little snowflake who doesn’t understand humour as it is, then please steer clear of this.

SCREENPLAY – The flow in the series is pretty realistic. It doesn’t get too gritty and realistic and also doesn’t stray off into mindless cartoon logic. The humour is pretty great and it gets funnier if you picture Bill Burr in the situations Frank Murphy gets into. The dialogue is snappy so thumbs-up to Bill Burr, Joe Heslinga, Michael Price and all other co-writers. The thing that struck me most was that in every episode where the scene got really realistic and sad, it wasn’t butchered by comedy all of a sudden. They allowed it to sink in and just when you’re preparing your mind that,”Ok, they are not gonna ease the tension with some comedy” and bam! They hit you with the comedy. It was great timing and it really got me laughing out loud every time.

DIRECTION – I think the entire series is based on Bill Burr’s character. I think I even read it somewhere that it is based on his childhood. In the initial episodes there is a sequence which went just like one of his jokes about his father, who used to shout at his mother after a long day’s work. Using those stand-up jokes was probably Burr’s idea and that helped put his brand of comedy into the series. When I initially saw the art-work, I honestly thought it was going to be a very low budget animated series. I was wrong. They balanced the jokes with visual humour very well. Even though the art looks simplistic, there are subtle things which gives a sense of authenticity to the characters. I’m telling you, this show needs way more appreciation than it got.

VOICE-ACTING – Bill Burr as Frank Murphy is just awesome. It’s just great. He has the high-pitched frustration voice which just adds to the humour. Just like Charlie Day. Whenever he starts freaking out, his voice starts to reach alarming levels and it just makes the situation even funnier. Everyone else in the Murphy family, from Justin Long, Sam Rockwell, Laura Dern, Debi, Haley, everyone was great. Each character had their own distinctive character and in any animated show or movie, that only looks better when the voice-acting is good and they absolutely nailed it.

FINAL VERDICT – Watch it if you haven’t watched it already. If you have watched Bill Burr’s stand-ups or even heard his name somewhere then watch it. Even if you haven’t heard it before, you heard it here, so go watch it. It’s a real winner. I mean, just look at that cover picture. If that’s not reason enough for you, then something’s wrong with you.