This is the 1st short film I am reviewing from the many short-films that are featured in Pocket Films. This movie is directed by Banajit Barman, edited by Uddipta Kumar Bhattacharya and stars Mamata Mazumdar, Balen Deka, Bipul Barman and Dhrubajyoti Barman.

The story is about the apparently mundane life of a house-wife. A term which many of us use very easily. She cooks, washes dishes and looks up to her husband with utmost respect and devotion until the day he quantifies all of that into one hyphenated word, house-wife. The movie begins with an amazing shot of the sunset, followed by a montage of the work the lady does. The dialogue is pretty simple and to the point, much like what happens in real life. It was great to see that, unlike many other short-films, there wasn’t a whole lot of exposition and set-up to the characters. The dialogue at the end of the movie is really on point because it shows the nature of the character without spending a lot of time on the background of the characters. The acting was also good with no over-the-top expressions. The only problem I found was the lack of use of other camera-angles during the last scene. That’s all.

Honestly speaking, I was caught off-guard because of the duration of the movie. I was expecting it to be longer, but still the film managed to convey it’s message in that duration successfully. Keep it up.


Credits: The featured image is a Youtube screen-grab from the film.