So, after a long wait the fourth season of Sherlock comes to an end. Though not the best season nor the best season finale but this episode had it’s moments. I suppose for me the problem was expectations. You can’t blame me because everyone has their own set of emotions. As this was the finale I was expecting something more uniformly grounded in nature and that is why the theatrics kept putting me off and I still don’t know what is the reason they keep bringing back Mary. It just makes me hate her even more. Without further adieu, let’s dive in.

STORY – The story begins with a girl on a plane which is going to crash and as she makes her way through unconscious bodies to the front of the plane she receives a phone call and surprise! It’s Jim Moriarty. Cut to Mycroft watching a movie when creepy stuff starts happening, only to reveal that it was Sherlock who was toying with him to get some answers. I know there are questions and I’ll get to that later. On questioning Mycroft, he reveals the true identity of Eurus and why Sherlock couldn’t remember her and yes, there is no Sherrinford Holmes. It’s a place where Eurus is kept because of her dangerous intellect. Nice twist. Then what begins is basically “Saw” but with the Holmes. It had a particularly emotional scene including Molly Hooper. I mean, I usually tear up during emotional scenes but my eyes were over-flowing. The ending is a bit average. The momentum kept increasing and decreasing. Sometimes some of the games made sense, others felt unnecessary. All in all, it was a different kind of a finale.

DIRECTION – Ok, I admit it. This season did that to the entire series, what Spectre did to Daniel Craig’s James Bond.There were too many unexplained theatrics. I’ll point them out one by one. Eurus shoots Watson and that gun certainly didn’t look like a dart-gun. I am no expert, but still. The bomb that goes off in 221B Baker Street should have certainly killed or at the least, injured them. Just like Spectre, they end up on a boat en route to Sherrinford. There are many such theatrics throughout the episode but the scene with Molly Hooper was redemption personified. The thing which I wanted was a more personal interaction with Eurus throughout the final moments of the episode and not through a bloody screen. Magnussen and Moriarty had one one one’s. The build up to Eurus was so great that I felt a bit detached. The dialogues were quite on point but like I said, there should have been a physical Eurus instead of her on the screen.

ACTING – Certainly no complaints in this department. Seriously. They are all so great that I don’t want put it in words. Except Art Malik. Why the hell does this guy keep appearing? He was great being chased by Arnie. He starred in a Hindi movie called Mirzya where he horrendously overacted through and through and here he is again. It can be the characters he chooses but I don’t like his acting at all. It was great to see Andrew Scott again. I have a question though. Will he ever be able to top his performance as Moriarty?

FINAL VERDICT – Bitter sweet will be the apt description of this finale. That’s the thing about finales, right? You want your questions answered and your expectation fulfilled and an average finale just brings the entire series down by a notch. As usual there will be a ton of Easter eggs sprinkled in. The one that I caught was the drawing of the dancing men. I am imperative it was a nod to the “Adventure of the Dancing Men”. It’s kinda sad that there are only 3 episodes to a season and I think that that limit hampered this season because this season had one of the best villains and a huge back-story to tell. Then again, just like Watson says,”It is what it is”.