Have you ever been high and gone through a lecture that is really important and after a 15 minute shut-eye you remember only glimpses of what had happened earlier? I have, literally. The 1st half felt exactly like that and I’ll tell you why.

STORY – Episode 2 picks up from where Episode 1 left. Watson and Sherlock both are coping with Mary’s death in their own ways while a serial killer is on the loose. I was afraid that Mary will be back in some way and oh hoy she was. I am sorry, for some reason I don’t like her. So as Mary had mentioned in the tape to save Watson, here we get to see the entire video where Mary mentions that Watson will come to help Sherlock only if he is in real danger, or something like that. I am paraphrasing. So Sherlock goes after Culverton and through this process bridges the gap that Mary was afraid Watson will create on the event of her death.

DIRECTION – The first half-hour or so was very quick. The pace was enough to grope the facts but not take in anything else. I was almost out of breath till the episode reached it’s peak moment. One thing I’ll say is that this episode had many tear-jerking moments. One scene where I almost lost it is when Watson was beating up Sherlock. It was relatable because it has happened to me in real life, where I can see my friend losing it and I want to beat the sh*t out of him just to snap him back to reality. It was really touching. They really are overusing Mary. Till the end it felt very unnecessary, very unnecessary. One more thing that felt unnecessary was Ms. Hudson’s car chase. I think I was expecting more from Culverton, but that’s just me. I think it has something to do with the TV rating that they can show only some amount of gore. I really wanted to see Culverton act out or at least speak about the murders he has committed like Samuel L. Jackson in “The Hateful Eight”. The twist ending was brilliant. It was there in plain sight but I am sure nobody noticed it.

ACTING – Toby Jones killed it as Culverton Smith. The fact that I am left with the feeling of wanting to see more of his character is proof enough that he was awesome. Creepy and had a ‘Jack The Ripper’ vibe to him. I swear I saw his pupils dilate during the last act. Benedict Cumberbath, as usual, is great. He brought back the eccentricity in that scene where he starts reciting a poem or a play. It is really difficult to reach that height of eccentricity without being under the influence of drugs. So kudos to Benedict for pulling that off. Most of the teary moments came from Martin Freeman. He brings so much intensity to the most humane character. Just amazing.

FINAL VERDICT – Well, it was obviously better than the 1st episode. It has me interested for the final episode and also worried what’s it gonna be about. Sherrinford will obviously be in the centre of it, but why jeopardise Sherlock and Watson? Ohh, look at me speculating. I am happy that this series exists and I am alive to watch and enjoy it.