This movie had so much potential and yet, it falls flat on it’s face. I mean you have Batman and the future Jim Gordon being directed by the guy who directed Warrior. What else do you need? Oh ya, a believable story.

DIRECTION – At the end of the movie when I saw the name Gavin O’Connor and rechecked how I felt about the movie, I felt even more disappointed. This wasn’t what I was expecting. Nowadays you cannot trust a movie on the basis of trailers. Truth be told, I was expecting this movie to be the amalgamation of ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and ‘Jason Bourne’ but it falls into the category of passable action movies that I’ve seen in last few years like, ‘Dead Man Down’ or ‘The Drop’. The whole just felt so bland and formulaic. It was like he tried to present us a puzzle but didn’t have the capability to construct one. Every single thing fell right into it’s desired place, without explanation. The director delved so much into the back-story of the accountant via flashbacks that he shortened the time to explain what is happening in the present day scenario. That obviously led to glaring plot-holes and very less character development.

SCREENPLAY – You bring in a complex character with a troubled past into a shady scenario. Now tell me, why would you want to decode the character through flashbacks? Let him stay that way because he is the accountant. We don’t need to know what he was and why he became what he is through flashbacks. The 1st scene itself was enough to show the rift between the mother and the father and also the relationship between the brothers. There are so many flashbacks that I don’t even know what the current plot was. I could have watched it a second time but I don’t have the courage or the energy. As I mentioned earlier, these recurring flashback scenes didn’t leave space for the characters who are involved in the case. Anna Kendricks’ character felt so poorly written and unnecessary. The dialogue was very flat and didn’t have any weight. When you’re building a drama then conversations are very important or the characters don’t pop-up. On top of that, what did the investigation lead to? If you think about it, if you subtract J.K. Simmons and his side-kick from the entire film it wouldn’t make a damn difference.

ACTING – Ben Affleck is absolutely at his best right now. You give the man anything now, he will absolutely nail it. Despite of the plot-holes and no character development, this man stayed in character the whole movie. Rest everyone was passable. Jon Bernthal is a great actor, as I’ve seen his acting skills in the Daredevil, but here he is just meh! Seriously, every other actor just played a few scenes to get their paycheck and that’s it. Ben Affleck had the most work and like I said, he nailed it!

FINAL VERDICT – Nothing much to watch here. Very sad to see so much potential being wasted as if it doesn’t matter. That’s what bugs me. If the producers have so much money, then hire good scriptwriters and make a proper movie. I mean, you make an average movie and put up a good trailer, the movie will remain in the theatres for what? One week? You make a great movie, it will remain in everyone’s minds forever.

P.S. – I noticed the little easter-egg, if it was one, of the Superman comic in Wolff’s cupboard.