This is the type of movies I want to see Ben Foster in. Not in Warcraft with that golden wig and casting spells. Felt really good to see Ben Foster in this movie. Many might give this one a miss because of the mellow trailers but it’s a good movie. No doubt about that.

STORY & SCRIPT – The story revolves around two brothers who are planning to pay their debts by robbing banks and two ageing officers who apparently are the only ones following this case. Jeff Bridges’ character, Marcus Hamilton wants a last swan song to end his career with, due to which he is hell-bent on catching these mystery robbers who are going from one bank to another. Toby and Tanner are polar opposites of each other. When one is hot-headed, the other is smart and cool but both of them are sincere about their family. The story has a very slow pace and after the consecutive robberies the movie almost comes to a halt. It allows the dust to settle before the final showdown. The ending in particular was beautiful. It had me engaged about what was going to happen and when the credits rolled I was left thinking what will the final confrontation between Toby and Marcus will be like and that’s what a movie should do.

DIRECTION – It was bold of the director to maintain such a slow pace to such a simple movie. We could see the ending right after the halfway mark but do you know what kept me interested? The characters. The interactions. Most of the times in movies when I see two characters interacting, I feel like people don’t like like that. At that moment the movie just looses me. In this movie, the interactions felt natural. There were silent moments which left room for character building. The racial undertones in the characters didn’t stick out. It felt rather natural because unlike Tanner, Marcus was racist just to tease his partner. That scene when Marcus finally gets his revenge got to me. Not kidding. Every character felt well-rounded from start to finish. Right from the waitress(both of them) to the main characters. I liked the final reveal of Marcus’ body and you hear a rattling noise and you see that death was right at his feet. Just the bearer of it changed.

CINEMATOGRAPHY – Let me get rid of two minor gripes. One was the sky at the beginning of the movie. It felt very artificial. Second was the fire. The CGI was really off. Probably due to budget constraints. Other than that the landscape shots and action scenes were very well shot. The bleak tone of the scenario was very aptly captured. As the movie was not rushed you have the time to actually take in the scenery, making the scenery a character of the movie.

ACTING – Ben Foster was the highlight of the movie and I am happy that he was. Blunt, brute and stubborn but with a heart of gold. He felt like he had dug his hands deep into this character and he delivered perfectly. Chris Pine also showcased the finer side of his acting prowess after starring in cheesy roles and of course as Captain Kirk. Jeff Bridges, was also in his comfort zone and boy was this a step-up from R.I.P.D.

FINAL VERDICT – A very mellow and probably underrated too but a must watch for people who love a slow paced movie. Due to the movies grounded tone, I felt fresh because lately I have been seeing all these cheesy movies with weak scripts botched by production houses. Very few times a movie with such a cast delivers and I can say this that this movie delivers and delivers well.