To be honest, till 2015 I wasn’t very up-to-date with world news so I didn’t have any idea of this incident. When the trailer came up and there were three names, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart I said to myself,”Well, up you go into my watch-list”.

STORY – Everyone, except me, knows the story. A plane is hit by birds right after take-off. A veteran pilot and his co-pilot make an emergency landing into the Hudson and miraculously save EVERY.SINGLE.PASSENGER and crew. What do you think after hearing that? That Sully is a hero. Right? WRONG! The insurance company comes in. Throws out the fact that he practically did the impossible and instead charges him of sinking the plane and “endangering” the lives of the passengers and his crew. So now Sully has to stand his ground, prove himself innocent and re-instate his image as a respected pilot.
To be honest, it was frustrating to see a guy who saved 155 souls aboard a plane after landing on a river being questioned. I mean, even if a person without Sully’s credentials would have done this and would have saved all the lives on the plane and maybe that person has done all the wrong things in his life. Still, he/she shouldn’t be questioned.
The story is shown to us not only to glorify Sully but to also show that how people react in situations like this. It is not exactly a black and white story, not a grey story but a humane story. Flawed but meaningful. The inclusion of the wife-angle felt unnecessary to me. Probably that was what actually happened but it felt like if it was cut-off it wouldn’t have brought a major change in the movie. Just my view.

DIRECTION – Clint Eastwood does it again. My father is a huge fan of Clint Eastwood and his Western movies. He always says,”How does a guy who has done such cliched films make such masterpieces?”. Well, he does it and he does it good and that’s that. I want to mention the best thing about this movie and that is the use of the crash sequence, 3 times in the movie. It is shown exactly 3 times, from different perspectives and it evokes different types of emotion.
The first, is right at the beginning when the opening credits start rolling. It is brief and is almost to jolt the viewer into looking at the screen. You are as confused as the passengers and don’t know what is happening and soon it cuts to black and the movie begins. Many say when you witness or are in a traumatic situation you can’t really make sense of what happened and that is what the 1st use of the crash sequence does. It happens so quickly that you just can’t react.
The second time it is used in the middle of the movie. There the crash sequence oscillates between the cockpit, the passengers, the crew and the rescue team. Now you know what is happening because it has been discussed about so now it is just a recap. It isn’t very frightening because this time it is shown in a way to capture the various emotions. The fear in the passengers. The nervous calm of Sully and Skiles. The shock of the rescue team because of what they are witnessing.
Now I was pretty sure that the 2nd time will be the final use of the crash sequence because now there is nothing more to show. So when it is shown a 3rd time we are aware of two things. First, the whole incident and second, Sully’s character. This time the whole scene is shown only through the cockpit and well. It is horrifying. It is literally like a horror movie. You with all your bravery would still not get into that cockpit, during that incident but one guy did. That was Sully and that gives the movie a beautiful ending where you understand Sully and respect him.

ACTING – What can I say about one of the best actors I have witnessed. Well, he is one of the best actors I have witnessed. When the movie is of the genre Drama and there is Tom Hanks written on the cast, you really don’t have to worry. He invests deeply into the role. Subtlety at it’s finest. There. That just defines Tom Hanks’ acting in the movie. Aaron Eckhart does a bang on job too as co-pilot Skiles. The actors portraying the passengers were fine. Usually there is someone who just does overdo it a bit because they have limited screen-time. Skylar is in this movie and yes, she is annoying here too. I mean it’s good acting of course but still, so annoying that woman. Laura Linney is in this movie. I don’t know why.So unnecessary. Laura Linney is everywhere nowadays. Yes, she was in TMNT 2. Yup. Laura Linney. TMNT2. Why? I don’t know.

FINAL VERDICT – Go watch it. Definitely watch it. The thing that I learned from this movie is that the benchmark for calmness is Sully. I will strive to be as calm as Sully was on that day, or everyday. I know I won’t reach anywhere close but trying will help. It is not the most inspiring movie but each person will get some kind of inspiration from it, in some shape or form.