To start of straight, well I see a lot of negative reviews and an astonishingly low rating on Imdb of 6.4/10 and a lot of snowflakes saying that these kind of movies will set the standard for animated movies and that will ruin their kids. So to them, this is a R-rated movie. So if you can’t restrict your kids from seeing this until they are 17 then suck it!

I am not going to review this in the conventional way because this is a fun movie and I am just going to go in a rather casual format.

Starting off, the premise is just simple. Foods think they are taken by humans to a happy place but the truth is that they are cut into pieces and cooked and devoured. It is hilariously shown and the expletives coming from foods makes it look even funnier. There are so many jokes which relate the food with their origins. My favourite joke, which was also repeated many times and was still funny, was whenever the Douche would say something which rhymed with the name of a food, and that food would come up and the Douche would just flip out. It was a riot.

I don’t think there was a single joke that didn’t land. All of the jokes and references were funny. Like I said earlier, if you see through the eyes of a snowflake, then everything will feel offensive and that will just suck the fun out of stuff. All the jokes are intended and it’s fun because of the premise. The last orgy scene just NAILS IT! Yes, there is a food orgy scene.

The voice acting is excellent, no complaints. The animation is good. My favourite was the scene when the flour bag falls and it resembles the scene of some huge devastation. I think there were a few jabs at Ratatouille, where the guy to whom Barry goes, resembles a wasted version of Alfredo Linguini and even his car has a sticker with ‘Dixar’ written on it. Also, when the Douche grabs the manager by his nuts and controls him, which is similar to Remy controlling Alfredo.

All in all, it’s a satisfying movie. I won’t see food the same way…nah! just kidding. I am going tear open a packet of chips and munch on it. Watch it. I am sure you’ll enjoy it too.