If you have a tendency of having epileptic seizures then avoid this movie like the plague because, after all the blaring music, jarring camera-work and mad light effects you will certainly pass out. This review might be short because there is not much about this movie to discuss about, but it has a massive effect on the FINAL VERDICT. The movie is set in MF-ing Los Angeles and an undead, slightly dead but badass cop has taken the duty of cleaning up the city while an elite group of masked super-villains are trying to get him killed because Officer Downe is the only thorn in their path to ultimate villainous glory.

DIRECTION – Well, to make such a movie, you need balls. Making a movie like this isn’t easy. The budget constraints are quite visible but keeping the wafer thin plot interesting, is a massive task. I mean, if you have a good script, good actors, 50% of your work is done. Bad script, bad actors and the director has to give his 110% to convince the audience to invest in the movie. Officer Downe doesn’t fail to entertain. Yes, it is certainly tacky, but what is surprising is that considering the fact that this is by all means a nonsensical movie, it has its silent moments. Those silent moments lets your mind to relax because what ensues after that requires preparation. The action set-pieces are amazing, gory and just bloody fun. There is no denying that. We don’t get to know about what the back-story of Downe is, or who is behind the masks of the Fortune 500. Frankly speaking, I don’t even care, because that the director is aware that he is making a tacky movie, so why waste time in unnecessary exposition. The music is used in the right moments, to show chaos and mayhem and the overall psyche of the disturbed and psychotic officer. The sound though is a bit off, especially the dubbing. It echoes a lot.

CINEMATOGRAPHY – This might sound weird, but hats off to the cinematographer. Such ballsy use of colours and lighting, just amazing. In some of the scenes though the contrast is just too high and the solar flares are just too much. In subtle scenes, like in the locker, the flares are so much that the actors’ faces are not even visible. The camera-work in the action scenes was just amazing. I loved the moments when they were showing that Downe is kinda losing his grip, the frantic and bizarre head-jerks all added to the character. The CGI looked like they were constrained financially. Still they made do with what they had. I caught my first ever, Cinema-sin. I usually miss it those in the 1st viewing but I caught one and here it is.

Movie mistake 1 Downe.JPG

They evidently had to CGI it out, but missed. It’s a split-second thing, you probably won’t even notice

ACTING – To sum it all up, everybody other than Kim Coates as Officer Downe is just bull-shit. Even though there is no character building, in the scenes where he is not being a total badass, you can see every bit of his humane fragments. The part when he dons his uniform and is emotionless, the part where he comes back from the dead and confronts his givers of life, the part where he knows he is losing and calms himself down. Everything is beautifully portrayed. He doesn’t push it too hard, or doesn’t pull back. That didn’t sound right. Moving on, all the other characters are just plain forgettable. Officer Downe all the way.

FINAL VERDICT – Watch this movie for the fun of it and definitely watch it if Crank falls in guilty-pleasure movie list. It will be a crime, if I say watch it if you are a fan of Crank. Now, the thing that I said that I’ll say, and here goes. I think that Suicide Squad should have been made like this. It’s my personal opinion and you may judge me all you want. David Ayer was going for a feel similar to this, but he just couldn’t do it. Officer Downe has its silent moments, and the script of the Suicide Squad could have capitalised on that to build character. Officer Downe has its jarring, crazy moments and it could have made up for all the Joker and Harley scenes and finally, Officer Downe has a badass ending where they just went all out and that’s what a superhero movie with villains need. Why should villains be holding back from going all out? I don’t know but there was no impact in the action scenes in Suicide Squad and this bloody movie had more oomph! to it. The silent moments had that irritating soundtrack going on whereas in this movie, during the silent moments, you can hear either the footsteps, or the buzzing sound of the tube-lights. It helps in creating a base of reality for the mortal characters. On top of that the immense budget would have given some awesome CGI effects and I imagine it would have been a satisfying watch. All in all, epileptic people, avoid this movie. Others just get a bucket of chicken, or if you are a vegan( I don’t know what vegans eat while watching slasher movies) just sit with whatever you want and put your brain in an ice-bucket and watch this movie. You will enjoy it.