Honestly speaking, when I watched it in the theatre it didn’t feel so bad. All the flashy lights and groovy 3D and hip music distracted me from the plot. Then I came to know that there is an extended cut. I’ll come back to what I think about the extended cut, and as I hadn’t reviewed it earlier i.e. the theatrical cut, so here is the review for the extended cut. I assume you know the story by now. In case  you don’t, trust me, it doesn’t matter.

Direction and Script – How to best describe this glorious act? It was all over the place. The entire movie suffered from tonal differences. There was an overall coating of fun, hip and cool vibe over a gritty, dark and grim story. Sometimes it works and movies like that are placed in the dark comedy genre but how could WB possibly put it in that genre, right? This is supposed to be the summer blockbuster and it was, but is it any good? Personally, nope. The whole movie was just rushing to these huge explosive scenes, where people can be jizzed on by all that CGI and 3D action set-pieces. The squad doesn’t slow down and have moments where the character is built up for the audience to care. In this extended cut, I think that the walk to the main building is slightly longer. I was hoping for it to continue a little longer but, just then Mr.Ayer said nope, no can do. I can’t even begin to mention the plot-holes. The enchantress spends almost 5 minutes fighting the squad in the end, and then with a flick of her wrist she just disarms the squad. You can just shake your head at that very moment, because if you think you can find reason using logic then much like the squad, you are embarking on a suicide mission. Probably the best scenes is the bar scene. The characters sat down, had a one to one, it was good. It might not be as good as all the famous bar scenes in the history of cinema, but with all that exposition slapping, this bar scene was indeed a sigh of relief. Coming to exposition, there is a lot of it and it extremely annoying. They keep introducing and re-introducing a character again and again and rub in their backstory like there is no tomorrow. Like I said, the action scenes are good, but as you don’t feel for the characters, the scenes just lose all the stakes.

Editing – OKAY, first I was in denial that the editing was good but I may have to take my thoughts back. The editing is bad, really bad. I remember watching Warcraft and getting a very unsettling feeling while watching it. There wasn’t anything very disturbing that was happening, but I felt giddy. Then I noticed that it was because of the multiple camera cuts during a small 5 minute scene. The same thing happens here. A single scenes has so many cuts, that your mind doesn’t settle to equate what is happening. It decreases the intensity. Put on top of that the loud music and you are hop, skip and jumping from one place to another without questioning what is happening. The helicopter scene certainly had issues because you can see Joker mouthing something, but all you hear is “NOOO!”. The flashback scenes didn’t help either because of that neon-colour-popping editing. I think they were trying to show something, but if the acting is good, then you don’t need crappy editing to cover it up. So, we come to….

Acting – Clearly, the standout performance is that of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Amongst all that chaos and explosions, her character was fully formed. Every bit of her psyche was evident. Deadshot came close to being a memorable character, but Will Smith came in the way because at the end of the day it was just Will Smith shooting bullets and not Deadshot. I am a huge fan and considering his acting skills I will attribute that to the director for not taking time to build up his character in the movie. Jeremy Jahns had said that if  Jai Courtney bombs in this movie, then Hollywood should give up on Jai Courtney. Surprisingly, he does a good job. He is expressive and his physicality also reflects the character’s unpredictable nature. Jared Leto is a mixed bag. He is neither a hit nor a miss or maybe more on the side of the miss. The amount of screen-time that he is given, it is extremely hard to judge that whether he has done justice to the character because the character is that of the clown prince of crime. If it would have been any other minor character I would have written him off. The worst acting comes from the “love birds” in the movie, Joel Kinnaman and Cara Delavigne. Absolutely horrendous. Nothing, just absolutely nothing. Kinnaman felt like he was trying to put everybody to sleep so that nobody would notice his acting or the entire movie and Cara, what the hell was she doing? Other than the gyrating hip movements, her Enchantress spoke in a very,odd, non-expressive and hollow voice. I am not sure if it was dubbed but assuming it was hers, it was very bad.

Final Verdict –  If you have watched the theatrical cut, then don’t watch it. I can’t put it more blatantly. Just wait for Wonder Woman. Hope for the best for DCEU and save your money. Coming back to the concept of the extended cut. It is utter crap. It feels like we are being robbed because of our love for comic book movies. We pay for a whole movie and then we come to know that we have payed for a portion of the movie and then there is some part of it that was left out for some reason or the other. This is a plea, stop it. Give the whole movie at once. This movie literally has nothing on it. Just a few minutes probably. So yes, avoid spending your money on this one.